«The analytic and online marketing tool that inform you when something relevant happens in your site and it proposes actions that help you to increase your sales.»

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Others vs Cleverbond


Others offer reports
Desperate man looking at a computer
Their reports are long and complex and they have not been interpreted yet.
Cleverbond, proposals
Cleverbond providing action proposals to the client´s team
Cleverbond will drive your actions with proposals that will help you to increase your sales.

Tools only for analysts
Two specialists analyzing data
Their tools are difficult to use and understand. For the same reason, they need highly qualified staff to use them.
Tools for all
Employee incorporating the results of Cleverbond to your data of department
All departments of your company can use this simple and intuitive tool from any device and anywhere to get the most of your commercial strategy

Others involve high costs
Desperate woman trying to balance the books
Their tools are expensive and it will also be necessary that you hire qualified staff to use them.
Cleverbond, saving resources
Happy woman enjoying a coffee while wondering about how to organize her resources
You will save time and resources by using Cleverbond. You can optimize your time because you will know what to do at all times by controlling the resources.

Others provide long analyses
Two specialists analyzing data
Analysis periods are long. Knowing what to analyze, analyze it, draw conclusions and make a report takes too long
Cleverbond, quick answers
Employee incorporating the results of Cleverbond to your data of department
We offer you useful information immediately because the speed of reaction is an essential factor for the success of your business