Ability to understand the issues that affect the way of thinking, feeling or acting of consumers.
Light bulb
VIP customers
They are who spend more money in your site.
Customers at Risk
They have bought but they haven´t visited your site in several months.
Products bought together
Products that your customers buy together frequently.
Products to improve
Products more visited but not purchased.
Best selling products
Among your most visited products, these converted the best.
Promising products
Products more purchased with few visits.

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Product profile

Computer with a page showing all the information relation to a product

How this product is sold?

How it evolves?

What channels are more successful?

Customer profile

Computer with a page showing all the information relation to a customer

Who is?

What does he buy?

How often does he visit and buy you?

What relevance does he have for you?

What channels does he use?

Traffic attribution

A man looking at a map

Where do your customers come from?

What sources generate more sales?

What sources generate sales of more value?

General view

A man watching carefully a control panel full of screens with data and graphics

What´s going on?

Purchase funnel

Active customers

Abandonments in cart

Average purchase value

Temporal heat map

A clock showing the hours of greatest activity

What are the hottest hours? on workdays and weekends

How are sales distributed throughout the day?

What days are better?